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Default Re: Rolando McClain anybody???

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Why wouldn't we take a shot at him? I mean, he was an absolute stud in college. Give him an offseason to learn the book and have him compete for the ILB job. I don't understand this fanbase and our need to sign squeaky clean players - why? If guys are good enough and have truly moved on from their mistakes and have the will and ability to learn and adapt with a new team, why wouldn't we sign a player? Plus, he played for Oakland - the black hole of shit for players but when they come out, they have the chance to play well.

I say we give him a shot and let him, Spence and a draft pick compete for the job. He did play at 'Bama and showed some serious potential while there - there's no reason for us not to bring him in. It's not like the veterans of that locker room would tolerate him if he went back to his old bullshit habits and work ethic.

We're too hard on guys.

edit - Give a 7th rounder for him and see what he can do under a defensive coordinator that knows what he's doing and veteran leadership under guys like Timmons and Woodley. I'm tellin' ya, I don't think he's a huge bust. I think the Steelers could turn him into something.
That's exactly what I'm saying ... if he messes up, you just cut him ... not like he's going to be expensive ... and his potential is through the ceiling

Let him play ST this year (not like we couldn't use the help) ... and let the organization and veterans show him how to be a true professional ... if he shows he's up for it, bring him back

that's very low risk , very high reward
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