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Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
How many other teams:

* Are missing their starting QB
* Missing their backup QB
* Missing 3 of 5 starting Olinemen
* Rotating between 4 different RBs because none of them can stay healthy for more than two weeks at a time
* Missing their best player on defense
* Missing their best WR
* Missing their best pass rusher
* Previously best pass rusher on a gimped up knee
* Lost their starting FB before the season started
* Missing their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks from this year's draft-- 3rd round pick's injury may be career-ending

I think the only team right now that even compares to us as far as injuries, is Philly, and they are struggling to even get single solitary win.

You can go ahead and look at this through whatever rosey glasses you are wearing, blame it on the players, blame it on the fans, whatever. Clearly, something is amiss in their training regimen.

dude... ive already listed each and every one of those players. are you saying that since no other team has the exact same injuries as the steelers, that something is clearly "amiss in their regimen"? that is clearly a stretch of deductive reasoning. washingtn and the bungles have both been decimated with injuries this year, along with philly (just like green bay was in their sb year). plenty of teams have sat their starting qb's due to injuries.

i know what the hell i am talking about and backed it up with facts and specific examples, but since you seem to think you know what you are talking about as well, why dont you give some specific examples of what could possibly be amiss with the steelers conditioning program or the professional trainers hired to impliment it, and i will take off the "rosey glasses" and give them consideration.


(i wont hold my breath).
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