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Default Re: Rolando McClain anybody???

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
I mean, the guy sounds like a everything we complain about with our own team. Not that the Raiders are a great program but he feels "too good" for his team and gave up on them before even finishing his third season in the league, that's not something I like to see in a player, especially one when it's coming from someone who's done nothing to earn ANY sense of entitlement. He's had trouble with the law and while I can't say for sure, he definitely doesn't come across as someone who works hard or leaves it all on the field, considering he's hardly played up to his draft status.

If we traded a Super Bowl MVP and are about to let another really talented player who has proven himself go for thinking too much of himself and not giving enough effort, why should we sign this guy?
You're right. Players that put themselves above the team don't deserve to be playing the game at such a high level, but you have to take into account where he was playing. If he was playing for an organization like the Patriots or Packers this would hold true, but he was playing for the Raiders - an organization known for it's drama. First, he was playing under Davis and that organization and new head coaches every year he was there. That kind of atmosphere isn't exactly the best to bring a rookie into, let alone thrive and live up to his potential. I don't know whether or not it was him putting himself above the team, or just giving up because he was playing on such a poor team. That in it's own right is a problem, but an understandable one.

There were questions of his effort and those were valid - but I find it very difficult to blame him for not leaving it all on the field. He's playing on a defense that lost their one star and traded their picks away for ... Carson Palmer.

I don't know, maybe I'm being too light on him. It just seems like he wanted to get the fuck out of Oakland and seems relieved that he finally is. I think that if he were to come into Pittsburgh under LeBeau - or whoever is coordinator next year - and into a stable defense, he'd thrive. Maybe it's wishful thinking.
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