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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

So Dr. Arden didn't perform Grace's sterilization/hysterectomy. The aliens then?

Miles attempting to slice off his hand was so gross, but I don't get it. Never noticed him before.

Sister Mary Eunice is the Devil and she recognized the Angel of Death. The Angel of Death is like a cousin to the Devil. The Devil's evil and the Angel of Death deals in death but is merciful. The real Sister Mary Eunice is suffering and screaming to be saved. I wonder if Sister Jude will end up being her salvation.

Bloody Face/Dr. Thredson raped his "mother." So nasty. If Lana Banana ends up pregnant, maybe present day Bloody Face is their spawn.

Is someone/something controlling the chip in Kit's neck and triggering him to kill?

Poor Lana. She has the shittiest luck. Back to Briarcliff she goes. I wonder if her legs will be amputated because she fled. Could she be the next Shelly?

We now know how Sister Jude ended up at the nunnery/convent.

Sister Jude contemplated slitting her wrists. Apparently, this wasn't the first time she contemplated committing suicide. Before becoming a nun, she was engaged to be married. Her fiance told her he had syphilis which caused her to be infertile. He then blamed her and left her. All she ever wanted was a family.

I think Missy's father knows Sister Jude was the hit and run driver.

Kit killed the rasper, and Grace was shot trying to save Kit. Enter the Angel of Death. RIP Grace.

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