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Default Re: Need help. Questions about Chargers/Steelers game on Dec 9..

Originally Posted by lektrix View Post
I'm having trouble finding a good hotel deal. I'm looking at roughly $60-$80/night for 2.5*+ and only see 3* deal via Priceline near Ross Park Mall, hotel unnamed. Is there any fast, accessible public transportation in that area? Or do I have to drive 10KM into the city everyday including the Steelers game on a packed day???
You're about 8-9 miles north of Heinz Field/north shore - coming into the North shore area from that direction is the path of least resistance / time. That wouldn't be a bad place to stay if you don't mind not being in the thick of everything (not really that far off) when you go to bed at night.

I grew up 40 minutes North of Pittsburgh and frequented Ross Park.. IMO it MIGHT take you 45 min to an hour from the time you get back into your car to the time you get back to the hotel. Once you get past the parking /tailgate areas and the immediate neighborhood surrounding the stadium areas - getting on McKnight road and route 279 is a piece of cake. If it were me, I'd either stay right downtown and secure your parking with the hotel like stated before, or at the North shore and it will just be a walk to the park. I wouldn't stay east (ie Monroeville) or west (Moon) - seems to be a little harder coming to and from the stadium in my experience when picking up friends. If you stay north shore or just north, downtown - you really can't go wrong. I'd make a choice based on what you like in a hotel in those areas and you really can't lose. Just think - you'll get familiar this time while having fun and next time will be even that more enjoyable. I wouldn't sweat it - it's a great city with very welcoming people.

If you're ever confused while you're there - 9/10 someone will be more than willing to help you out or make a suggestion
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