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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by terpsnation View Post
Don't worry - I know the Steelers aren't leaving Pittsburgh ever. But he himself posted that hypothetical, I was just expanding on it.

I just really don't understand the questioning of where Ravens fans came from. It doesn't make much sense to me - it's an attempt to degrade Ravens fans that is both illogical and incorrect.
I hate you all. And I mean this in the nicest way possible lol. terps - you guys need to wait for "the lean years" in Ravens history ala the 1980s Steelers. When your fan base goes through that kind of crucible - you'll find out who the real Ravens fans are. Me personally, it is just hard to find a lot of respect when I know of a lot of people that place and remove those purple flags on their cars at a mind boggling rate - too many people too willing to jump ship when you guys have lost big games. Just my own experience. hey - we have band wagoners too - I think a lot of us just can't understand some of the mid-season bluster at 9-2, but then re-realize what the area has had to go through in terms of actually having a football team - dunno if that makes any sense to you - but, for me, its kinda weird listening to Ravens fans talk about Johnny Unitas, then, in the same breathe, talk about how they rooted for the Redskins, Eagles, or Steelers (or "America's Team" - especially when it was easy to in the early 90s), then jump right back on board when 2000 rolled around and you found yourselves in the Super Bowl.
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