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Default Re: How to replace Mendenhall....

Oh I see the asshole Tony has commented. thats always good for some worthless banter.

In one of your posts you comment that perhaps Mendy isn't back from the knee or achilles injuries just yet? Which of course you make a wise ass comment to another poster. What does either of those 2 injuries have to do with his fumbles? Of course as you pointed out to another posted, he may not be a Doc, and thankfully nor am I. But last I checks those bones are not connected. Perhaps Mendy should say something, unless he was worried about not getting that new contract, that he certainly is not getting anyway?

Its nice to have the the SF admin logo, but perhaps you should act like someone who isnt a total dick on every dam reply. Or does the little admin logo grant you the option to be a total dick every day of your miserable life?

Based on how the NFL has moved to a passing game over the past few years. Ill go with dwyer through next year and not have to much of a problem with it.
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