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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
dude... ive already listed each and every one of those players. are you saying that since no other team has the exact same injuries as the steelers, that something is clearly "amiss in their regimen"?
No, because the Steelers and their list of injuries to critical players over the last 3 seasons paints a clear and repetitive pattern.

If it was just this year this was happening, your arguments would have some merit. The Packers had a bad year in 2010 with injuries, but have not since then. The Eagles have less injuries to critical players right now and they are a shambles.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
that is clearly a stretch of deductive reasoning. washingtn and the bungles have both been decimated with injuries this year, along with philly (just like green bay was in their sb year).
No, it's not a stretch at all. Other teams have ben NEARLY as decimated with injuries, but not for 3 or 4 seasons in a row. If it happens, once, you can chalk it up to coincidence, or lazy players or whatever. When it becomes a systemic and repetitive problem, a pattern has been established.

The team, coaches, and staff get paid to win championships. If the same obstacle keeps coming up year after year to derail that endeavor, you can place balme where you want to-- but the fact remains, something is wrong with their conditioning that is causing them to keep getting injured. THAT is some simple, straightforward deductive reasoning.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i know what the hell i am talking about and backed it up with facts and specific examples,
Nope-- you posted a bunch of quotes from the training staff, blaming it on the players' laziness. Hmmm...what would be their incentive to blame the problem on the players, rather than their training program?

Are we to believe that the Steelers are the only team with lazy players? Why aren't the other 31 teams having so many injuries for sveeral season in a row? it's not like the Steelers draft all their players from a special "lazy guys only" pool.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
but since you seem to think you know what you are talking about as well, why dont you give some specific examples of what could possibly be amiss with the steelers conditioning program or the professional trainers hired to impliment it, and i will take off the "rosey glasses" and give them consideration.

* Too many breaks and days off for veterans.
* Too soft a training camp (Tomlin's camps are well-known for this)
* Allowing the players to freelance during the offseason as far as their training programs (or lack thereof)
* Not doing the right types of excercises and stretches
* Skipping pre-game warmups

Just for starters.....
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