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Im so sick of ppl comparing mendy's lifetime stats to dwyer or redman. How many seasons has redman or dwyer started? Yep all combined = zero. Compare apples to apples, we dont know if dwyer or redman couldnt have had multiple 1000 yrd seasons as they have NEVER been given the chance to start the full year like mendy has. We have seen what mendy is capable of, alot of short to no gains and bust a long run. Bam 15 carries, 13 for 3 or less, 2 for 50 = a crappy 100 yd game. At least we know redman and dwyer will make their 100yd games with mostly positive yardage. Frankly we need 3rd and shorts not longs. Dwyer/redman is the answer. And for all those on dwyers wagon, his fatass needs to get into shape. I prefer redman because he runs like dwyer and can bounce it outside plus he has shown a knack for making the big play (see our last SB run, AFC champ game agnst Balty). All that said, we need to stop this rb by numbers crap, that crap just doesnt work. Pick one and stick with him until they are broken.
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