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Default Re: How to replace Mendenhall....

Originally Posted by Rotorhead View Post
Im so sick of ppl comparing mendy's lifetime stats to dwyer or redman. How many seasons has redman or dwyer started? Yep all combined = zero. Compare apples to apples, we dont know if dwyer or redman couldnt have had multiple 1000 yrd seasons as they have NEVER been given the chance to start the full year like mendy has.
Redman was given the keys to the starting RB position to start this year. He broke before the season even got underway.

Dwyer was then given the keys after a few outstanding performances, and also got hurt.

Until one of these guys can prove they are the man who can handle 300+ carries per season, you have no basis to replace the guy who has aqlready proven he can for several years now.

It IS a valid comparison.
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