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Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
According to Hipchest, there is no problem-- the Steelers players are just lazy and don't want to listen to their trainers. The conditioning program is top-notch and has no issues.

We know this because the training staff told us so.
just because you are flat out wrong with your hypothesis and conjecture is no reason to build a strawman and flat out lie.

i never quoted the training staff and i never said the players are lazy.

learn to read.

i did say the steelers play a more physical brand of football than the majority of teams, something that is lost upon all the make believers who KNOW our training staff is substandard.

i also know that football professionals who have put together and supervised training staffs and entire front offices such as gil brandt and pat kirwan said as soon as they saw the new CBA w/ reduced practices and hitting that it was a team like the steelers who would be affected and most hurt by it.

i side with the pros, not the keyboard jockeys and speculators.
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