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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
I didn't bring drugs into the trash-talking. Obviously you are familiar with the substance. I'd expect "all this knowledge" from a Ravens fan. FYI - there is a chunk of the Appalachians in Maryland - so you might want to find some other wonderful geographic feature to hang your hat on. I have family in both areas - so you need to find some other source for your material. I'll even take "there are Amish people in PA" or "your fans have no teeth" for the thousandth time. Wait - I bet you'll rely on the tried "no one likes to live there cause its dirty." Or - maybe you might get a little creative, take another aim at me - to which I'll most surely reply "You're the one spending time on the rival's forum - not me."

Seriously - you need to go spend some time with your own fan base. Or - is ours just that more enticing for you? I get it - they, like you, are that unbearable.

Did I misspell anywhere? I know when a Ravens fan's pee-brain is all out of fresh digs - they usually turn into the language/grammar police.
They're certainly not the language/grammar police on their own site.
I visited it a few times this year and the shit they post is almost unreadable.
Illiteracy is rampant there.
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