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Default Acceptance

I have been denial after seeing our offense dissected by the Browns. I Kept telling my self, "Ben will be back for the Ravens games, Ben will be healthy enough to play, Ben will save the season" but its thursday night now and well, It's starting to sink in. Ben's gonna miss this game, and barring a miracle we will get piss pounded by the Ravens... That's going to set us at 6-6. Then the most practical chance we have at making a run is winning out against the Chargers, Cowboys, Bengles, and then the Browns. I have a feeling it may all come down to our game against The Bengles. I don't see us missing the play offs at 10-6 in the afc this year, but if we find a way to lose to any of the final 4 teams of which we usually own all of them (don't actually remember any dallas - steelers games for some reason) If Leftwich is able to go I'd much rather see him than batch, he was doing okay in his first game until he broke his ribs tripping over him self, He's got a hell of an arm when healthy though. I don't look the looks of it either way because its either Batch, a Banged up leftwich, and a 20% Ben. Honestly out of the three id take a 20% Ben but that wont happen. Might as well forfeit this next game, get a free bye week and then go on a rampage, raping and pillaging inferior pieces of crap like the Bengles and Cowboys.
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