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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
just because you are flat out wrong with your hypothesis and conjecture is no reason to build a strawman and flat out lie.

i never quoted the training staff and i never said the players are lazy.

learn to read.
Thank you for your concerns-- I can read just fine.

The article you posted, whether it by written by you, the training staff, or Jim Wexell, is nothing more than a long-winded excuse blaming the poor conditioning on the players by citing ONE, SINGLE player as an example (Keenan Lewis in this case-- who has not missed a single game due to injury yet, if I am not mistaken).

It goes on with this excuse-making for another three paragraphs using another anecdotal example dredged up from NFL history to support the claim it is the players' fault they are not physically ready to perform at a high level without breaking all the time.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i did say the steelers play a more physical brand of football than the majority of teams, something that is lost upon all the make believers who KNOW our training staff is substandard.
You're right-- the Steelers are the only NFL team that hits hard and plays "physical".

That 49ers defense? They're soft. Ndumakong Suh? He is just a little kitten.

it sure looked to me just a couple weeks ago that even the lowly Chiefs play a pretty physical breed of football. I hear the Giants do a pretty good impression of playing physical as well.

The Saints played such physical defense they were literally trying to take people's heads off in games, but I don't see half their team walking around on crutches in street clothes.

You seem to think you are so much smarter than I, and you have all the facts on your side-- please present me with conclusive statistical/factual proof the Steelers play more "physical" football than the other 31 clubs in the NFL.

How exactly do you quantify that? How does that affect the number of injuries to our players, as opposed to the opposing teams? You seem to be content to hinge your entire argument on a very vague concept and then cancelling out the sound logic I used to come to my conclusions.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i also know that football professionals who have put together and supervised training staffs and entire front offices such as gil brandt and pat kirwan said as soon as they saw the new CBA w/ reduced practices and hitting that it was a team like the steelers who would be affected and most hurt by it.

i side with the pros, not the keyboard jockeys and speculators.
So, in other words, you are throwing your hands up in the air-- BECAUSE YOU YOURSELF DON'T KNOW A FUCKING THING, and simply deferring it to "the experts", whom we routinely bash around here on per thread basis for their inaccurate predictions, and cluelessness about the Steelers.

Maybe the Steelers DO play "more physical football" than other ball clubs. Then the logical conclusion to come to based on all the injuries, is that they need a training staff that is better suited to designing a program for specifically, the Steelers and their style of play.

Blaming it on the players, their style of play, etc. is still just making excuses. If season after season keeps swirling down the toilet bowl because we can't keep guys healthy, I doubt that telling Mr. Rooney: "Heck, we can't help it-- we play more physical football than everybody else!" is going to cut it. Results are all that matters.

Maybe the players are lazy and that is why their conditioning program is not working. Either way, that is still the rsponsibility of the front office to fix-- the caoch neds to motiviate his guys better, whatever. The point is-- something behind the scenes in the org's front office/staff still has to happen to fix the problem.
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