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Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
You seem to think you are so much smarter than I, and you have all the facts on your side-- please present me with conclusive statistical/factual proof the Steelers play more "physical" football than the other 31 clubs in the NFL.

there you go, lying again. i said the majority of teams. they pass the eyeball test. EVERYBODY knows the steelers are one of the most physical, hardest hitting teams. you must not know or believe this being that you cited the "Cheifs".


So, in other words, you are throwing your hands up in the air-- BECAUSE YOU YOURSELF DON'T KNOW A FUCKING THING, and simply deferring it to "the experts", whom we routinely bash around here on per thread basis for their inaccurate predictions, and cluelessness about the Steelers.

idiots around here routinely bash the players, coaches, training staff, etc. i dont give a shit who "we routinely bash.

experts and paid professionals, front office execs typically know more about the inner workings of things than keyboard jockey fans. throwing your hands up, i expect you will deny this as well.

Blaming it on the players, their style of play, etc. is still just making excuses.

blaming it on the training staff is just making excuses as well.
there you go. the rooneys know more than you. their training staff is fine. injuries happen. its a hard hitting game.

fans need to quit whining about it.
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