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Default Re: Antonio Brown overrated

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post


Honestly, it is like all the idiots in the world congregated on one forum. Antonio Brown is a hard worker and a great football player. He is not a true number one receiver. Brown is an excellent slot/possession WR. Brown is not going to beat double teams with dominant physical play.

No one is holding Brown to the same standard as Wallace. People dump on Wallace for not being a top 5 WR. I have never heard Brown even MENTIONED in the same sentence as top 5 WRs. So why the special treatment? Could it be that Wallace held out in pre-season and you're all a bunch of whining, snivelling pussies?

Brown and Wallace are both good WRs. Wallace is better. End of story.

Yeah, okay. Let's just juggle the damn ball and basically toss it up to be intercepted by THE CLEVELAND FUCKING BROWNS! That almost says enough about Wallace. I live south of Cleveland by only like, 25 miles. They flat out suck by losing games in the final quarter They're on my dang TV almost every Sunday! Had Brown been that receiver, he would have caught and held onto the ball.

The dude has a sh*tty, greedy, self-centered attitude and it's not getting better. Not ONCE have I seen much emotion from the guy. He holds out just because he wants Fitz money? Get real! You're playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. You should be happy just to be part of such a great organization.

Wallace was on tap for being Brown's skill but ever since he dropped off in the 2nd half of last season he has been NO saving grace by ANY means.

I see Brown as the heart and attitude that was so like that of good ol' #86. If he keeps catching what's thrown to him he's the most solid catching the ball outside of Heath Miller.

Holding the ball against your HELMET on a 3rd and 12+ play and retaining possession says a lot.

Wallace= no emotion, greedy, OVER RATED
Brown= plenty of smiles, clutch catches, 1,000 yds receiving and returning

Take your pick. Wallace can take his BS attitude and poor play (especially as of late) the hell out of Pittsburgh. Speed is his only asset. Let him walk.

Win, loss, or tie; Steeler faithful till I die!

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