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Default Re: Mock with Wallace 3rd round Comp. Pick

Originally Posted by cbrunn View Post
Of course you can always find any player in the middle of the rounds that are good... but less likely ... you can find players anywhere... look at Harrison and Clark were both UFA

the point of being a deep deep defensive draft class is that you can get somebody in the 2nd or 3rd in the same class as the late first rounders

if you look at somebody like Gerald Hodges in the 3rd ... he's a beast ... better in coverage then Mosley or Jordan ... and Hodges is a tackling machine ... and he's also a good blitzer ... and played for a very good defense in Penn State also nicknames LB U

Also if you talking the 6-6 Dion Jordan from Oregon ... that's not the Steelers style ... they don't draft the Tall guys, he's way to tall to play OLB in their Scheme, at least from past players ... i don't remember anybody being that tall

Just like Phillip Thomas in the 4th ... he's just as good as those 1st-2nd round safeties

Hunter is 6'4 runs a 4.4 and can jump out the gym ...

I also agree there are more pressing needs... but just the deepness of the draft at them other positions, makes it easier to take somebody else

I also think Wallace will be back ... this was just for fun and discussion

oh yeah and Lewis will be back too, no ifs and or buts ... unless he follows Wallace somewhere as they grew up together
It's not deep in speed rushers or great OLB, contrary to what you might believe. Comparing Hodges to to Mosley is a mistake. CJ Mosley has been consistently excellent every year he's been with Alabama. He commands double teams - even in college - because of his ability. The 'Bama defense is full of absolute monsters, but Mosley is top notch. I'm not going to go into specifics about his ability, but comparing those two is a mistake. If Mosley is on the board when we're picking, it's an absolute must pick - assuming Jordan isn't there. Speaking of Jordan ...

The Steelers aren't going to pass on a player because he's too tall. That's ridiculous. They don't specifically scout guys because of their height, it's the simple fact of the matter that smaller guys make better speed rushers on the outside because they can use their height to their advantage over bigger tackles. Jordan makes up for this "shortcoming" (I use that word reluctantly) by being insanely strong and amazingly quick off the ball. He's 6'7 243 and runs a 4.5. Comparing him to anyone else in the NFL is a mistake, honestly, because I haven't seen anyone with his skillset before in the NFL. Saying the Steelers are going to pass on him because of his height doesn't make any sense. He's stronger and faster than Aldon Smith was coming out of college, but the knock on him is lack of experience at OLB / DE. Give him a year with LeBeau and he's going to be a top 5 ROLB in the NFL.

There's a reason why some guys are first round picks, and others are mid round picks. Phillip Thomas is not as talented as Eric Reid - not even close. Watch an LSU game and tell me Thomas has the same instincts and ability that Reid has. On top of that, Reid plays in a stacked secondary and still has the ability to make plays and find the ball.

I can appreciate your positivity toward guys in the later rounds, but the first two rounds of this draft is chalk full of defensive talent. We can't afford to take an offensive player in the first two rounds with all of the needs we have. Grabbing Jordan / Mosley in the first and someone like Johnson in the second makes an immediate impact and an infusion of youth into this defense.
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