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Default Re: Why do the admins and mods allow Ravens fans to run rampant on this board?

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
I've been seeing it for the past few weeks. After our loss to the Ravens, and then to the Browns, it has been far worse.

A Ravens fan isn't coming here to have a nice, thought-provoking discussion with Steelers fans. They are coming here to start shit and fire off at the mouth. Plain and simple. You don't see this shit from Browns and Bengals fans.

I'm personally getting sick of it, because they are in EVERY thread.

What's the deal?
please... just lighten up a bit. all the mods monitor the situation closely. for the most part it is a little back n forth sparring and taking shots at eachother. most of our members can take care of ourselves and in most cases we allow the "players to police the locker room".

it things start to get out of hand, we politely remind our guests to take it to the blast furnace. if they dont heed the warning, they will be dealt with appropriately, but to this point none of our raven guests have really stepped out of line.

the ones looking to get a rise out of people generally leave on their own once they dont get that rise.

its easy to differentiate the ones who are here to interact for the week (and longer in many of their cases).
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