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Default Re: Hey Diddle Diddle

Originally Posted by steelerschik View Post
If this was already discussed and I missed it, I'm sorry, but did you know the hey diddle diddle Rogel up the middle was a famous steelers chant in the 50s? I didn't. Yeah, that's slightly before my time, but they were talking about it on the radio that chant was for Fran Rogel and some of the older DJs here that remember that chant aren't appreciating the ray rice version too much. Shocking, I know, Ravens trying to mimic the Steelers. Yeah, there's a new one.
Fran who?

1950 when?

I'm pretty sure that Ray Rice didn't dust off some chant for a no name running back from the 1950's to "stick it to the Steelers'

Its a nursery rhyme..... not a Steelers chant. He's selling shirts to raise money for his charities. Pretty upstanding move if you ask me.
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