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there you go, lying again. i said the majority of teams. they pass the eyeball test. EVERYBODY knows the steelers are one of the most physical, hardest hitting teams. you must not know or believe this being that you cited the "Cheifs".

Alright, wiseguy-- I'll play along.

You say the Steelers play more physical football than a MAJORITY of the teams. So that means that at least one team plays more physical football than the Steelers, right?

So tell me, specifically, which teams are more physical? And then, are any of those teams suffering the same yearly rash of injuries If not, your theory is shot to shit.

idiots around here routinely bash the players, coaches, training staff, etc. i dont give a shit who "we routinely bash.

I am pretty sure I have heard you bitch about the "experts at ESPN" on more than one occaision around here. I am pretty sure I recall you saying Warren Sapp was an idiot because he picked us to finish 3rd in the AFC North this year.

Even if you aren't one of the ones who routinely questions these experts, you are still just deferring your opinion to someone you perceive as "knowing better than any of us". You aren't presenting any opinion of your own in this regard. You are thowing your arms up in the air and letting someone else argue for you,just like I already said.

experts and paid professionals, front office execs typically know more about the inner workings of things than keyboard jockey fans. throwing your hands up, i expect you will deny this as well.

So can you or one of your experts explain then why our team seems to be the only one that loses half of its roster on a yearly basis, since we've already established that you cannot blame it purely on "physical play"?

As I already stated, even if the Steelers are playing a more physical breed of football than the other 31 clubs (you haven't established this yet, in any way, shape, or form), based on the current yearly list of injuries--something must change. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results. Clearly, whatever they are doing right now-- does not work.

blaming it on the training staff is just making excuses as well.

Only on your planet...

If the brake job I just paid someone to do on my car does not work afterwards-- you blame the mechanic that worked on your car. If the heart transplant they just did for you does not work-- you blame the surgeon that messed you up.

If your training staff is not properly preparing the players for the game, and everybody is getting injured every season like they are-- you blame the folks who were specifically tasked with, and paid to condition your players and prepare them physically.

Logic 101.
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