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• Linebackers coach Keith Butler also has some goals for productive but frequently injured linebacker LaMarr Woodley: Do more conditioning work. Woodley (high ankle sprain) hasn’t practiced this week and isn’t expected to play in Baltimore. “The thing I will tell him is he needs to get his hamstrings in shape,” Butler said. “He worked harder than he ever has to get in shape, but he needs to work on his hamstrings.” Woodley missed one game and most of two others with injuries this season.

go figure. a coach putting the honus on a player to do MORE conditioning work on his frail hamstrings.

woodley is probably too busy practicing his stupid post sack flying leg kick.

I am pretty sure I have heard you bitch about the "experts at ESPN" on more than one occaision around here.
you are "pretty sure"???

more like- you are pretty wrong.

i wont even dignifiy these desperate and deflective lies.

i have a brain teaser for you, once you get a clue.

in the meantime i will sit back and LMAO at all the people who think the trainers and conditioning staff should put in OT and take time out from their lives to go over to casey hamptins house every night and cook and spoon feed him his dinner.

also i will let you ponder why james harrison is probably the most physical hitter in the nfl (im sure you will contend hundreds are more physical and hit harder) PLUS one of the most conditioned & hardest workers, yet still sustains injuries.


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