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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
• Linebackers coach Keith Butler also has some goals for productive but frequently injured linebacker LaMarr Woodley: Do more conditioning work. Woodley (high ankle sprain) hasn’t practiced this week and isn’t expected to play in Baltimore. “The thing I will tell him is he needs to get his hamstrings in shape,” Butler said. “He worked harder than he ever has to get in shape, but he needs to work on his hamstrings.” Woodley missed one game and most of two others with injuries this season.

go figure. a coach putting the honus on a player to do MORE conditioning work on his frail hamstrings.

woodley is probably too busy practicing his stupid post sack flying leg kick.
So you have brought us full-circle now, and we are back to your original assertion that the Steelers layers are lazy, and that is the only problem going on behind the scenes (sure).

So...are the Steelers the only team with lazy players? I don't see any of the other "hard-hitting" teams with half their star players in walking boots and street clothes.

You have yet to answer any of my challenges, as far as why we are the only "hard-hitting" team that has such an extensive list of injuries, year after year. It is not just this season I am looking at.

You have yet to answer why we did not have this problem under Bill Cowher.

All you have done is all of your arguments is throw your arms up in the air and blame the players for their laziness. Guess what, champ? Even if the players are lazy, then the training staff needs to adapt their training program accordingly. Ultimately, the readiness of teh team, from a conditioning standpoint-- is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY, just as much as it is on the players. If the players are not willing to put in the time, then they need to make the mandatory training sessions more high-impact or something.

Whatever tyhey are doing-- it is not working, and this is a new developement the last few seasons. We had physical players the whole time Cowher was with us-- yet we did nto have all the injuries.

you are "pretty sure"???

more like- you are pretty wrong.

i wont even dignifiy these desperate and deflective lies.

So you are saying you agreed with Warren Sapp's assertion the last two seasons that we are "old and done"? You went along with his assertion this year that the Steelers are a 6-10 team?

Either way-- it is a moot point. You are still deferring your opinion to an "expert" because you yourself don't know a thing.

i have a brain teaser for you, once you get a clue.

Well.....what is your brain teaser?

in the meantime i will sit back and LMAO at all the people who think the trainers and conditioning staff should put in OT and take time out from their lives to go over to casey hamptins house every night and cook and spoon feed him his dinner.

You are just being argumentative, which is prety clear to anybody who reads this thread.

I am not trying to make some cententious stand or earth-shattering revelation here. if your team is consistently near the top of teh league, as far as injuries to key players, repeatedly, year after year, something about their training regimen must change.

That is common sense. I didn't say they need to spoon-feed Casey Hampton-- don't be a tard.

also i will let you ponder why james harrison is probably the most physical hitter in the nfl (im sure you will contend hundreds are more physical and hit harder) PLUS one of the most conditioned & hardest workers, yet still sustains injuries.


Aldon Smith is not a physical player? How about Suh? Von Miller might have something to say about that. Tamba Hali was manhandling our Oline a couple weeks back.

Your excuses and "arguments" are pretty thin, my man.

Also, I never said to fire anybody-- that is YOUR STRAWMAN. i simple think they need to do some analysis and re-evaluate their current methods-- they obviously (to everyone except "hipchest") need some tweaking and adjustment.

I don't know why you have to always be so argumentative in every thread and jump to such extremes.
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