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Default Re: Onwards and Upwards: To Baltimore

Plenty of negativity around, but here's some positives for the game... You rock!!!

1) Looks like Brown will return. This will be a huge help for Batch, and can help open up a short passing game. I agree: Brown is noce security blanket.

2) This could be Batch's last game against the Ravens...or in the NFL at all. Thinking he's a bit more warmed up now, and will have a solid farewell game. I concur: if the fumbles had not FORCED him to throw deep passes (in order to make up for loss of momentum), I think that he would ahev faired better... although, some of his short passes sucked, too. Summation: I see him passing just enough to keep BALT's defense honest (11/20 for 175 & a TD).

3) Our defense proved they can dominate the Ravens. Eff yeah!!!

4) The Ravens are overdue for a loss at home. Time for the odds to come out against them. You mean that a FG going over the uprights, a fumble in the end-zone by KC, and playing against a QB with 2 broken ribs "gave" them a few extra victories? I agree.

5) We're major underdogs, not just this week, but for the season. Time to rise up again, and win. This team plays better that way (just as they did in 2005, and the NYGiants did last year... not a coincidence that both aforementioned teams won SuperBowls in their respective seasons).

6) Our running game HAS to be better than it was last week. With Brown back the ravens have to respect the short pass and YAC, so hopefully the run will open for us. Last time: Dwyer ran all over them, and the only person who stopped him: Haley (when he stopped calling run plays, once he passed then 50 yard-line). I foresee Dwyer getting 125ish and a TD.

7) We'll have another 6 or 7 minutes of Troy on the field. I just hope that he is healthy. As SteelersCanada said: I think that eh might have been nearing 100% a few weeks ago... and they waited, just to be sure. I'd take 10 minutes and no reaggrevation of his calf/ankle/anything.
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