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Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Not according to Tony. The Steelers are just lazy and they started being one of the hardest hitting teams only since Tomlin became head coach.
you do know that continuing to lie about my stance doesnt make yours any more correct, right?

i never said the steelers are lazy, infact, i just pointed out that james harrison is probably 1 of the hardest working, most conditioned atheletes in the nfl. yet still injured.

polamalu trains with marinovich. while unorthodox and low impact, it is designed for flexibility and limberness. he gave that up (what has specifically worked for him) this offseason to be with the team, and his calf hasnt been right all year. he was asked what more he could do to heal quicker. he didnt mention better trainers. instead he said "testosterone and HGH".

i guess steelerfans would be happier if our teams conditioning program was cheating like all these others in the league.

ike taylor trains every offseason with tom shaw every summer. was one of the 1st pros to do so, and now half a dozen players join him. hes never really been injured even though he is one of the hardest hitting sure tackling CB's in the league.

james farrior was one who worked with him. only missed a few games in his entire career to injury.

ryan clark trains rigorously in the offseason and during it. really only misses a game due to concussions and sickle cell, yet he is one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league.

i can give you a list of players who attend the weekly massage sessions hosted at his house at night.

i can also give you a list of the OL who get together and train and condition at Team Esi in pittsburgh.

the point is in addition to what the team provides, it is STILL on the players to be in the proper shape, and even when they are (harrison, troy) sometimes that is not enough.

these are grown men, who have jobs as professionals. they arent in college and weightlifting isnt a class they have to attend and pass. the steelers trainers and conditioning team are not their to baby sit them.

anyone who thinks otherwise, just isnt really familiar with how things work in this profession.

do you think the bears and 49ers training staffs forced walter payton, and jerry rice to go out and run hills?

some atheletes work hard enough just to get by. others work HARD out of fear that someone out there is working even harder.

to quote the article above, if everybody was the "gold standard" then it wouldnt be the gold standard.
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