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Look, Tony. I don't feel like arguing with you-- this is going nowhere and it is all for naught.

I am not sayig we need to fire anybody, or that the training staff sucks. They just need to look at teh results the last few seasons, and possibly look at revamping the training program a little bit. OTA's have been shortened, yes, but maybe Tomlin should think about turning up the jiuce a little on his training camps. They are notorious for being soft, which has not really worked I don't think. It is hard to argue against our list of injuriesd the last two seasons.

Guys shouldn't be "playing themselves to game shape" like Big Snack has been doing the last few seasons. They should be ready to go come day 1 of the season.

Anything beyond the above-- and it isn't what I was trying to convey.
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