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Originally Posted by teegre View Post
1. Did you even watch the last match-up? PITT's defense allowed a whopping 3 points..
^^ This - I actually agreed with most everything you said, but wanted to wanted to specifically focus on what you said right here. Because honestly, barring some sort of major injury, we should definitely see some kind of improvement in the offense under Batch. For him, last week was more or less a baptism by fire. But now he's had another week of practice to shake off the rust.

Batch might be old, but he's still our only veteran back-up QB with a winning record. Flacco is not an elite QB - at least not when he's facing our D - when they win, they tend to win by a few points or less. Even with Ben still out this game, when you weigh the overall strengths and weaknesses of both teams, I'd say it's probably a draw.

Except in one category. My chief concern is not with our defense or even our offense - it's our kicking and return teams that has me more than a little worried. And I'm not talking Suisham - in a close and low-scoring game, 3 pts will carry a lot of weight. I, for one, have faith in his ability to score.

But, if we allow a team like the Ravens to pick up an easy seven from on a kickoff and/or punt the words of Dave Chappelle... I'll probably have to choke a b!tch! Because otherwise, with a slightly better D than Baltimore...and Flaccid Flacco being no better than Old Man Charlie...assuming the refs don't get in the way, I see no reason why we don't have at least a fair shot at winning this time.

In fact, when taking all of those factors into consideration, I'd say our odds of winning this time are probably a little better than 50-50.

That may not sound like a ringing endorsement, but given the circumstances, those are the kind of odds that I am willing to embrace!
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