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Originally Posted by teegre View Post
1. Did you even watch the last match-up? PITT's defense allowed a whopping 3 points. Even if Flacco is "better at home", I don't see more than 17 (predict 10).

2. The wild-card is not over with a loss on Sunday. Heck, TWO more losses could happen, and a wild-card spot would still be "possible" (9-7). 4-1 is not out of the question, and I could even see 5-0... but, regardless, 3-2 is not at all far-fetched.

3. Why rush BB back at 20% (or 50%)??? Did you not see what happened last season? Allow me to re-cap:
--BB gets hurt
--BB rushes back
--BB never heals completely
--BB is hobbled in the play-offs
--the Steelers lose.

I propose:
--BB gets hurt
--rest BB/weather the storm
--sneak into the play-offs as a wild-card
--make a run with a healthy BB
--win #7.
Spot on! After the Giant game I would have given us a chance to run the table or maybe lose one road game down the stretch. People get a myopic vision looking at the weaknesses on their own team. This is a good team. Healthy...they could make a serious run at the title. Who is unbeatable? Really? Which team scares you in this league? Get healthy boys, hang on...make a run...shock the world....send the Steeler Nation into an apoplectic frenzy and make all the haters hate more!
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