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Default Re: Who's Craving Some Raven??

Originally Posted by Ravnet View Post
How was that special teams' touchdown lucky?

This year, the Ravens have the best unit in the league by a mile, and the second best assemblage in over twenty years.

Baltimore's special teams unit has openly talked about winning games by itself.
Special teams is part of the game. But the elite Joe Flacco and his vaunted skill players on offense were completely inept that whole game. Mostly because they were dominated and outplayed by the Steeler defense. The "luck" part comes in, in that they got a return in a game where a return was the ONLY way they were going to win. They got it in a game where their opponents starting QB was out and the back-up had broken ribs. Here's the thing. The Ravens are a good team. Good teams do make some of their own luck. Teams that win get some calls, bounces, breaks to go their way. But so far this season, the Ravens have lived a charmed life. They have had numerous calls, bounces and breaks go their way in numerous games and key moments. Unless they can manage to favorable call, good bounce and good break their way to the won't happen. If the Ravens had played the Steeler team that beat the Giants two weeks early in the fashion they did, the Steelers woulda won that game 27-6. That's the luck part....timing, injuries, calls, bounces, breaks....all together in a perfect storm which has enabled a good team to get to 9-2....their play warrants about 6-5. It will show up before the season and done.
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