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It should sink in that WE SUCK without Ben. Actually the defense is still pretty kick ass, but the offense is a disaster. I don't care whose at QB, with the talent we have at WR/RB/TE, a professional QB should be able to complete some passes. Yet they can't even move the ball, forget about scoring, they can't get past the 50 without Ben. Honestly the Browns game was one of the worst performances by any offense that I have witnessed.

So while it's tough to accept the fact that we're going to get bitch slapped tomorrow, and with as frustrating as it will be to hear the media hype up the Ravens for beating us with our 3rd string QB , just remember when this team plays it's best: the playoffs. If we can beat NYG in their house after the refs literally spot them 14 points then we can beat anybody else in their house, we just have to be healthy. You can talk about other teams playing with injuries and say they have them too, but the fact is this team CAN NOT win with bench warmers starting at multiple spots. The old saying of "whoever is healthiest going into the playoffs" came about for a reason. This next man up stuff is cool to hear, but there's a reason that "next man" is riding the pine and not playing in the first place. Maybe other teams have better 2nd string players, I don't know, but these last 2 years have made it pretty clear that if we're not healthy we're not going to win anything. As injured as this team seems, we still have a good amount of our starters. Troy is coming back and MIGHT help, Harrison and Hampton will continue to get healthier and improve like they have been improving over the last few weeks, and eventually our O line will get put back together. So as long as Ben is back for the final 4 games, we'll go 4-0 and go into the playoffs relatively healthy (barring any new injuries). So don't worry about this game because we're going to have to go the wild card route anyway, and if we can go in healthy then we'll get to end the Ravens season in their own house this January!!!!

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