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Default Re: DING DONG the witch is dead

Originally Posted by stb_steeler View Post
Id almost bet if Wallace went to another team and did great there'd be alot of this goin on here......
Yeah if he did great. If we let him go and he turns out being the next Michael Irvin then yeah I will feel bad about it,but think about it: if Wallace can't catch shit with Ben throwing to him, he's going to do a lot worse with Matt Cassel or Ryan Tannehill. I don't see any good team being stupid enough to pay that kind of money for someone who drops it so often and fumbles when he does finally make a catch. Honestly, I would start Plax over Wallace, Wallace has dropped below Sanders and has become a #3 or a #4 even though he seems to have #1 talent. So yeah in the rare case that it bit us in the ass I might feel bad about it for a minute, but the Steelers just aren't going to pay that kind of money to someone who hasn't shown any improvement in the last year and a half, and I wouldn't want them to. Plax signed cheap, keep him around for another year or two with Brown/Sanders/Cotchery and we'll be fine at WR.
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