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Default Re: DeCastro back

Seems to soon IMO, I wouldn't rush him back. He's a rookie and he was beginning to play well, but putting him out there in a hurry is ridiculous for this situation. I know your supposed to try to win every game as a HC, but we're not going to do it with Batch and they won't give Hoyer a chance, so we're going to lose Sunday. But we're still going to make the playoffs and we're still going to see Baltimore once more, so there's no need to rush him. Plus I'm not confident that he will be better then Foster, Foster has been playing well and in the playoffs DD will likely be up against the best of the best, as a rookie who has played 3 or 4 games (if started now) so I wouldn't bring him back.

The only way I can see it having to happen is if Beachum can't get the job done at RT, but how long is he going to have to play? Isn't Gilbert ever coming back? Seems like DD had a much worse injury and he's already back, yet Gilbert hasn't even been considered as playable for weeks. Adams was playing RT pretty well too, he struggled at first, but he started doing good. How long is he supposed to be out for? If we only have one offensive tackle on the team capable of playing at the level needed, then maybe DD comes in and Foster goes to RT, otherwise let him heal and get him into the rotation occasionally, IMO.
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