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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Well, thanks to the spoilers that were posted - at least I know that I was right about McDermott's character. The extent of whether or not he's Bloody Face Jr. by blood remains to be seen, but I hope it is.
I think we all knew it was coming, but although you may be thankful about the MAJOR spoiler photo that was posted, I was not and Killer is livid. If I read any spoilers at all, which is seldom and only if a friend e-mails them to me or sends them to me via Facebook, they are written only in terms of generalities. I absolutely DO NOT want to view any photos prior to the show being aired.

What the poster did who posted that photo was pretty shitty, in my opinion. The least he could have done was post a spoiler warning and the link if anyone wanted to check it out. Now it's been ruined.

On a more positive note, this coming week's episode should be sweet. Ho ho ho!
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