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Default Re: ripping the ball out - forcing fumbles

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Fellow Yinzers, where yunz at? Yinz hear all da AIR-HEAD luvers here say da stiller defense stinks! BOOOOOOO!
i woiuld expect this post from a raven, bungle or brown troll.

didnt you used to be a pretty good poster who would make salient points in threads on a fairly regular basis?

now it seems the only posting you do is to insult half the fanbase, in true flaming troll fashion.

funny how people will turn when other people completely disagree with them.

i follow the bears very closely ever since they drafted urlacher, and get to see their games just about every week. the players say they practice the returns religiously, not only on turnovers but special teams.

every time they get a return you will see a convoy like james harrison did for his 100 yd return in the SB (something tomlin emphasized that week in prectice).

devin hester is an amazing athelete, but half of his returns are more due to the execution of scheme and practice rather than just raw talent on his part.

everyone should watch the sports science feature of how peanut tillman doesnt claw or grab at the ball, but punches it at such force, its nearly impossible to hold onto if he gets a direct hit.

unfortunately this is the only clip-

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