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Default Re: ripping the ball out - forcing fumbles

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
watching the Bears game. First drive of the game - Seattle's moving the ball nicely before fumbling it away. Lynch ran the ball and on the way down, the Bears are clawing and trying to rip it away like crazy and Urlacher gets his paws on it, ripping and tearing at it. Bears recover.

Why are we not doing this? 2 teams that i can name right off the top of my head that do this on nearly every play are NE and Chicago.
I've watched this very, very closely for weeks now. We "tackle". Theres very little, if no attempt, to rip the ball away. I see no "clawing", tearing, nothing.
I'm not understanding this.
there was a couple of years where Harrison lead the league in Forced Fumbles, but those were mostly from hits and pressure. He's not really been getting pressure or had the motor to get him in position for the big hits with his knee.
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