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Default Re: Bigmouth, Baltiturd fans

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
for the 1st time ever - i went over and checked out some of the posts on the Ravens' forum.

They're clearly obsessed with the play where Flacco was upright and the play was blown dead just before he got rid of the ball.
I will say this - and i'm being completely objective here - that exact same play is almost always blown dead - nearly 100% of the time - on any of the 32 teams. No reason to squabble over that call - its ALWAYS matter who you are (except on Brady as he's allowed to get away with murder - seriously).

I was also a little shocked to see the viciousness and the hate being spewn about. As much as we bitch about things around here - we actually got "good people" around here for the most part.
I'm sure there's a few good guys over there too.
If that's the call they're complaining about, it's laughable. Harrison had him dead in the flat and stopped when the whistle blew. Guy may have gained 2 or 3 yards instead of losing 4 on the sack, but it's not like he was going to run over James and then pull out his 4.4 speed and sprint to the endzone.
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