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Originally Posted by BlaZeQuietly View Post
Yeah, The win today was huge. I saw a poll on NFL network shortly after the game for who the best team in the afc was choices were patriots, ravens, texans and broncos. The ravens got a whopping 6% of the vote. It's not just us steeler fans that think they're very lucky to be 9-3. It's clear WE are the best team in the AFC north. We've got 4 games left and all four are winnable, wouldn't you shit if we finished 11-5 even through all this adversity? I think ben has to come back for that to happened but the steelers really showed me something tonight, as ugly as they played, and with all of the mis-cues we still won. Whose the best team in the AFC, why don't we let the rest of the season play out and ask that question again.
"Might as well forfeit this next game, get a free bye week and then go on a rampage, raping and pillaging inferior pieces of crap like the Bengles and Cowboys."

So how about we don't say dumb things like what's above anymor?. What fan would seriously want to forfeit a game just because it's stacked against you? I get having negative expectations, but to not even want to play the game?
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