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Default Re: Bigmouth, Baltiturd fans

Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
I personally think it was a BS call. Flacco was in the process of throwing it and if the reason for blowing it is to "protect the QB" that wasn't done either because the only thing the whistle did was negate the reception. Flacco still got planted.

Now, that being said, that play had little to nothing to do with us losing. Taking all these insane shots down the field and not moving the ball. Plus thinking that Batch is incapable of hitting a receiver standing by himself 20 yards away also did us in. We were just lucky 88 decided to drop the ball and give us a fumble.

Bad game by the Ravens. Great plan and execution by the Steelers. We'll settle it in January.
I think it may be in the WC game. Looking at the Pats schedule, they have Houston and the 49ers next and then 2 division games. I'd be surprised if they finished better than 11-5.

But Denver has a cupcake schedule. They play the Ravens and 3 teams with a combined 9-27 record. I give the edge to Denver beating the Ravens and taking the 2 seed. I don't think the Ravens D could stop Manning at all, but even if they do, they have a tough schedule remaining.

I think it could easily shake out like this.

1 Texans
2 Denver
3 Ravens
4 Pats
5 Colts
6 Steelers

Uh oh.
I'd honestly rather go to Houston than Denver. Weather not an issue, in Houston, Ryan Clark can't play in Denver, and I think Denver has a better home crowd.

To me, this would be a bad draw for the Ravens having to beat the Steelers then go to Denver.

Lots of football left. We'll see what happens.
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