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Default Re: You hear this, Ray Rice?

How do those apples taste now Rice and Reed and Suggs?

Make no mistake...the Steelers have had a rough start but not once have they ever rolled over and said "that's it-no need to fight anymore". They have shown perseverance and proved to the world they will not go quietly into the night and without a fight. That's what championship teams do. That's why we have 6 rings and the egotistical Ravens haven't won in over a decade.

Ravens fans should not be proud of their team. They did not earn all their wins. Many of them were won because of fumbles and interceptions. look at Flaccos stats and Rices stats. They are no where close to impressive. To dominate you have to have numbers and Ravens ain't got em. Flacco throws deep for one reason only...he hopes for a pass interference call. That way it gets them down the field because he knows what we all know...they don't have the talent to get it down the field offensively.

The RATBIRDS had to eat a whole lot of crow this week. They just got shown they are NOT an elite team. They got beat by a team with mostly second and third strings and a 3rd string QB. Elite? I think not.

Ray Rice...your a disgrace! I am glad we beat you and held you with "minimal" yards. You were shut down Mr. think your the best runner in the NFL. You most certainly are not. You have never had a good run against the Steelers and never will.
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