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Default Re: Curse of the Terrible Towel lives

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
We just beat Baltimore with Woodley out, Polamalu playing half ass, Ike hurt mid game, a 3rd string RT, and our Center playing Guard...and we did it IN THEIR HOUSE! Baltimore has a VERY good home record and considered "Elite" by so many....I'm really starting to believe that the curse is real, no joke. I'm not a bit supersticious but there's something to it. Forget about the SB in 05, look what happened to TJ's career after 05. And the Titans haven't been shit since stomping the towel...this shit is real lol.
Actually, Lendale White was having quite the year in 08. He and Chris Johnson were being called Smash and Dash or something like that. Titans solidified the #1 seed that day that he and Keith Bullock stomped the towel. Then they went out and lost to the #6 seed in their first playoff game. Lendale and Bullock both out of football quickly thereafter.

If Ray Rice goes down with a season ending injury, this year or next, I may start to believe too.
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