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Default Re: Eating Crow.

Originally Posted by stb_steeler View Post
you guys that claim to have jump ship must be young bucks. ive seen lots of bad Steelers teams over the years. not once would I turn off the game no matter how bad. this team has nothing to be ashamed about!
Im with you! IM A REAL STEELER FAN AND WILL NEVER STOP WATCHING!!! Im 40 and witnessed many bad teams! Remember these dudes?

Mark Malone
Cliff Stoudt
David Woodley
Scott Campbell
Bubby Brister
Steve Bono
Reggie Collier
Todd Blackledge
Rick Strom
Kordell Stewart
Mike Thomczak
And yes, dare I say, Neil Odonell (fuckin SB)

Younger gen fans better realize how lucky you are! If you are a real fan, NEVER stop watching!!!!!!!
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