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Originally Posted by Rowland2110 View Post
Not that i was too vocal about it on this forum or elsewhere. I had given up on this team. I decided not to watch and i didnt give the steelers a chance. I honestly did not think they would score a TD. Turned the game on with 6 minutes left to see them win it so, i just want to apologize to the steelers and especially Charlie Batch for giving up on this team this week.

That being said, that superstitious part of me felt like if i didnt watch, they would win as well. I almost didnt turn on the last part of the game because of that. So ya, a bit of confliction there.

Hopefully we can win out and DESTROY these ratbirds in the playoffs with a healthy team cause we are A LOT better than the ratbirds despite the records.
BS... You are not the team you think you are. Bring Ben back. We hopefully will see you in the playoffs. We'll see then who wins. The game was the Ravens to win, and the only reason you won was the Flacco fumble. I can't wait. Your team got the win and congrats. But last weeks performance, even with Ben coming back, shows you guys are not as good as you think you are. We'll see.... Later Squealers....
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