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Originally Posted by CTSxViper View Post
BS... You are not the team you think you are. Bring Ben back. We hopefully will see you in the playoffs. We'll see then who wins. The game was the Ravens to win, and the only reason you won was the Flacco fumble. I can't wait. Your team got the win and congrats. But last weeks performance, even with Ben coming back, shows you guys are not as good as you think you are. We'll see.... Later Squealers....
Why don't you put the shoe on the other foot and play both games with Tyrod Taylor and we'll play both with Ben. You think you split, 1-1? Seriously doubt it. And the drop off from Flacco to your backup isn't nearly the drop of losing a true franchise QB.

Get a clue. The Ravens just aren't that good this year. Much better team last year. The window was open last year and you missed it. Have fun rebuilding your defense, because it's garbage and getting worse.
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