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Default Re: Tomlin Harbaugh hand shake!

Originally Posted by defence View Post
Hey viper. When you come out here and proclaim that our team will never dominate anymore; you should really give your head a shake and check youe emotion levels. This rivalry is always close which means these teams are real close in talent on both teams. So neither team usually dominates one or the other. When measuring up to equal teams; there is always one factor that usually decides who is the better team; and that's the qb. I have already said I respect the ravens and believe you will never win a super bowl with joe flacco or coach harbaugh. So you may think you guys are seperating from us as a better team. Maybe; just maybe had your organization realized that flacco sucks and went after ; let's say manning; i would give you your props. Good o line. Very good rb's. Aging but still good d. But the mvp position is the qb and like other organizations like yours; spend too much time thinking instead of realizing; he's not the one. Heck our 38 year old 3rd stringer outplayed him. Nuff said!!
I agree we are struggling with Joe. I have never said Joe is an "elite" QB. He is not yet. Will he become one, only time will tell. He needs to improve in some key areas for sure. But Batch did not make the win for you. Be real. Your kicker won the game. We had intercepted Batch's pass to the end zone (Reed). Flacco fumbling really cost us the game. I do not belive you would have made the touch down if it wasn't for the fumble. Batch's performance was not good last night, unless you were watching a different game then I was. But I gave you credit for the win, and we are stuggling with Flacco. And we are still without Webb, Lewis and Suggs is not 100%. But neither is Harrison and you are without Ben. Although ge seems to throw plenty of interceptions when the Ravens play you. We'll see where things go from here. My emotion levels are fine. Stellers fans were on Ravens forums last night proclaiming our season is over... LOL So, it's all in good fun...
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