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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by CTSxViper View Post
Hey you make me laugh... All you and others can do is call us frauds.. Hurts when your standings reflect you are not the team of past. Ravens can wait to play you. Almost every game, you are loosing through most of the game. Last night you won by a field goal. Congrats. I am on here and stand behind our team. Bring it on. Your team is slow and do not have the power you used to anymore. Look at the game with the Browns. You can only use Ben as a scapegoat for so long. Ben is either dealing with bruised ribs or his shanked nose.. LOL. He fears the ravens. And so he should..
Dude, just go away. You are obviously mad and only here to start trouble.

Classic butt-hurt troll.

What a shame.
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