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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by steelerschik View Post
LOL, really? You've asked them personally how they feel? The above stated is all your opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Sweetheart, if the tide had turned the Ravens would have swept the Steelers yet again. There is no tide turning until the Ravens knock the Steelers out of the POs a few times, like the Steelers have done to the Ravens. The tide is right where it's always been. And you've asked the Ravens if they'll be ready for the Bengals and Redskins too, huh? LOL, yeah, they'll be as ready as they were against the Steelers. They aren't good darling, sorry.

LOL, talk about dreamland cause your posts cannot possibly be serious.
We are not good. We are "very good". Joe needs to be calm, focused and confident. When he is we beat the best of all teams. When he is not, we loose games, just like your team does. Ravens fans will be right there fighting for our team until the end. You will not win all your remaining games hun.. Sorry... But good luck to you anyway.
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