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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by SuperSteelers View Post
Well, I bet you were really shocked how he played last night against your mighty D!

Yes and no, I guess. I mean I think every game stands on its own as a data point. When smack-talking one might inflate their confidence in an unreasonable way, but upon true reflection I think any intelligent person realizes almost anything can happen in an NFL game. And I think Charlie Batch has been a darn good backup for a long time. If any data point is the outlier for him, it's the Browns game - not the rest of his career.

The biggest problem for our D has really been we can't keep a coordinator around for very long. Generally our defenses have started slow in years when we get a new coordinator and started to gel after the coordinator has been around for a few years. Sadly, the same has not been true for our offense ...
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