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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by JeromeBetties63 View Post
You are entitled to your opinion...but I am able to evaluate people apart from the color of their team uniform. What has Ray done over the last 10 years that leads you to believe he was insincere? I respect Ray...he doesn't whine about refs and blame everyone and everything else when they lose (unlike many of his team mates and his punk coach).
Just a few of the phony Christian's greatest hits

-Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco wasn’t the only member of the team to sound off on the absence of the locked-out officials after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles. Linebacker Ray Lewis did the same. “[T]he game is played the way the game is played, but there’s some serious calls the refs missed,” Lewis said in the locker room, via Sept 17, 2012

-Ray Lewis Blames Refs, Says Bengals Didn’t Earn Victory
by Robert Littal | Posted on Sunday, September 19th, 2010
A headline from 2010 after a game vs Cincy

-Ray Lewis on Peyton Hillis: “A blind cat will find a meal every once in a while”
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on December 22, 2010, 10:56 PM EST

The numbers say the Ravens defense is still very good this year, but there have been more than a few moments where they haven’t looked as great as previous seasons.

One of the initial signs things weren’t quite the same came in Week 3, when Browns running back Peyton Hillis steamrolled over the Ravens for 144 yards and a touchdown. Ray Lewis said that won’t happen again this week.

“A blind cat will find a meal every once in a while,” Lewis said according to the team’s website. “We understand the two big runs we gave up against them. . . . “[As] our team’s leader, it won’t happen again. I hope [the Browns] understand that.”

Lewis didn’t seem to want to give credit to Hillis for his big game the first time around. “My son could have run through the holes that we gave him in Baltimore. We just don’t do that,” Lewis said.

-Ray Lewis blames Ravens loss on officials

Ray Lewis is clearly blaming the Baltimore Ravens 15-10 loss on Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals on the men in stripes.

Late in the third quarter it appeared that Lewis had sacked Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer for an 8-yard loss, but it was ruled a trip. The penalty cost the Ravens ten yards and moved the ball up to the Baltimore 32 yard line. The Bengals went on to kick a field goal during this series and take a 9-7 lead.

Lewis was livid with the penalty. The helmetless linebacker could be seen on the field pleading his case to the officials.

After the game he had this to say about he call that went against him, “I get blocked into the player and you tell me that I tripped this man, but this man fell over my feet.”

The second penalty that drew the ire of Lewis was a roughing the passer call on fellow linebacker Terrell Suggs. Suggs wrapped his arms around Palmer who was in the process of passing the ball and drove him backward to the ground. The hit drew a 15-yard penalty and moved the Bengals to the Baltimore 26-yard line. After the call, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was irate on the sideline, screaming into the ear of the referee.

-Ravens | R. Lewis not endorsing Billick
Fri, 21 Apr 2006 07:18:20 -0700

Jamison Hensley, of the Baltimore Sun, reports Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis declined to give Ravens head coach Brian Billick a vote of confidence during a television interview Wednesday, April 20. In an interview with Comcast SportsNet, Lewis was asked if keeping Billick was a move in the right direction for the Ravens. Lewis paused before responding with "no comment." In another interview with ESPN, Lewis criticized the team for not providing him with two big defensive tackles that could shield him from blockers. Lewis also told ESPN that he has never asked for a trade from team. "The issue is: Are you going to let me do what I do?" Lewis said after mentioning he sees other linebackers having the opportunity to run free to make the tackle. "And if not, let me go."

-Ray Lewis rants about replacements, again
Posted by Mike Florio on September 24, 2012, 8:49 AM EST
New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens Getty Images

Well, at least he’s consistent.

Last week, after a one-point loss to the Eagles, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis railed on the replacement referees.

This week, after a one-point win over the Patriots, Lewis was at it again.

-In the post-game interviews, Flacco answered an NBC reporter’s questions with the typical answers you usually hear from a pro athlete regarding the team’s chemistry and “taking one game at a time.”

Then, Ray Lewis steps in for his own post-game chat, talking about his advice to Smith and what he said to keep his head in the game.

"You know, position yourself, so when God gets ready to pour out his blessings, that you are in position to receive those blessings." Lewis basically just said here that Torrey Smith literally “received” God’s blessings in the form of a touchdown pass. At this point I groaned and rolled my eyes and said, “Well if God’s your quarterback how can you not win?”

-Ray Lewis calls out Brady Quinn for "cheap shot"
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on November 17, 2009, 8:11 AM EST

Though Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who complained loudly last month regarding the protection of quarterbacks, apparently had nothing to say after Monday night’s game regarding the 15-yard penalty imposed on the Browns via a low hit to Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco, Lewis had plenty to say with respect to Cleveland quarterback Brady Quinn’s decision to dive at the knees of Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs during the return of an interception.

-Lewis charged with murder

He is in No position to attack others, for a penalty

"Despite his accomplishments on the field, Lewis' public image was tarnished following a Super Bowl XXXIV party in Atlanta on January 31, 2000. Following the party, a fight broke out between him and rapper Chino Nino's entourage, in which Jacinth Baker, 21, and Richard Lollar, 24, died from stab wounds. Lewis and two companions, Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting, were brought to an Atlanta police station for questioning. Eleven days later, along with Oakley and Sweeting, Lewis was indicted for murder and aggravated assault."

He got out of it, by pleading to "obstruction of justice", and paying off the families of the victims

"On April 29, 2004, Lewis reached a settlement with four-year-old India Lollar, born months after the death of her father Richard, preempting a scheduled civil proceeding. [20] Lewis also reached an undisclosed settlement with Baker's family"


1st, all I was doing was correcting those that said he was never charged with murder,
There was evidence against, just not enough, after the key witnesses "ALTERED" their stories

"During the trial, several witnesses whose testimony would supposedly prove Lewis’ guilt had altered their stories initially given to investigators"

The fact that he paid off both families, makes him look very guilty to me.
The police DID have witnesses,
they "ALTERED" their statements, when they got to court, and the police believe he was "witness tampering"

-Ray Lewis thinks Tom Brady injuries are a "set-up"
Posted by Mike Florio on January 6, 2010, 3:43 PM EST

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will play against the Baltimore Ravens this weekend with injuries to his ribs and finger.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis doesn’t feel much sympathy.

Lewis said on a call with reporters today that he thinks all the talk of Brady’s injuries is just setting Brady up to have a heroic performance in which he’ll be praised for playing at less than 100 percent. And Lewis would prefer not to hear anything about Brady’s heroism.

-Ray Lewis Wants A New Deal ^ | 14 June 2005 | Jim Rome

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2005 2:58:00 PM by sean327

Speculation is Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis may want a new contract and that he could be looking for a $50 million dollar signing bonus.

- According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, it appears that Ray Lewis will be fined for his comments following his team’s 27-21 loss to the Patriots.

No word yet on the amount – but it’s also worth noting that Lewis dove at a sliding Tom Brady during yesterday’s game. Not exactly a smart move by a guy who is supposed to be an intelligent veteran.

-PFT: Ray Lewis Takes Shot at Billick

Maybe the statute of limitations on the memory of Ray Lewis is six years. Because Lewis apparently is forgetting about how his head coach, Brian Billick, stood up and defended Lewis for the conduct that resulted in murder charges being filed against him, followed by an eventual guilty plea to obstruction of justice.

On Monday, Lewis showed his gratitude for Billick's past support by shoving a verbal knife into his stomach.

"It was as frustrating for you as it was for me," Lewis said during a weekly radio show in Baltimore, in response to comments from a caller who was complaining about the play-calling in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to the Bills. The caller specifically was griping about the decision of Billick, who calls the offensive plays, to call three straight passes after facing second down and one from the Buffalo 49 with less than two minutes to play.

"As far as those decisions, you have to let [running back] Willis McGahee touch the ball on one of those plays," Lewis said.

"We knew he should have touched the ball when you have a fourth-and-one," Lewis said. "Old-school football is old-school football. If there is a yard I need to get, there is a running back, a fullback and an offense that is meant to get that.

"You can't make oranges be peaches. It doesn't change. It will never change. That's what Billick has to ask himself, why we keep putting ourselves in those situations. In the Cincinnati game, that cost us with those same decisions."

took about 5 minutes to collect these articles lauding the preacher for some of his most Christian deeds

Cmon, he was part of a stabbing....A STABBING!!!!

Maybe it was the refs fault that little girl's dad got stabbed to death.
Just ask Ray....he'll tell ya

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