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Default Re: Game Notes From Against the Ravens

I posted in an earlier thread that I had only picked against the Steelers twice, once against Indy in 2005 and then this week. Did I lose faith either time? No. I was just picking what was to me the obvious pick at the time. Indy had spanked us earlier in the year and with the game at Indy and Peyton being Peyton I saw no chance of a win. We know what happened. Likewise this week after the Cleveland game and all the injuries and it being in Baltimore I felt we had no chance. Once again I am glad to say I was wrong. Even though I picked against my Steelers does not mean I had given up on them, I did not belittle in the forum the past few weeks. I feel this team can be dangerous come playoff time if we get healthy (a point I have reiterated several times over the course of this season),

I was reading the game day thread yesterday and I had to put my computer down I was so angry at some of the posts. I like to think I am a realist and while I tend to see the Steelers through B&G glasses I feel I am fair in my assessments. I also know injuries, luck, and momentum play a huge part in a teams success. It is not as simple as Tomlin Coaching harder or better, its not as simple as players playing harder. Every team in the NFL is loaded with the best talent in this game and the difference between the "Best" and the "Worst" is not that much. The Ravens have had more than their share of luck lately and we seem to have the injury bug, but there is no reason that we can't get healthy and turn our luck around. GO STEELERS!!!!
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