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Default Re: Game Notes From Against the Ravens

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
You missed the part where most of those negatives were when Balty knew we were in running situations and the offensive line completed FOLDED inward. Sometimes Dwyer barely touched the ball and there were 3 Ravens in his face.

Don't exclude the fact that Dwyer made a helluva run with vision to the outside that tied the football game and when he did have room, was knocking guys over in one on one situations. Can't believe you are taking his overall numbers behind a makeshift o-line and excluding his touchdown run. That was hell of a lot impressive that deserves praise in a game where very few lanes were open.
Why not? If someone points out that Mendenhall has had multiple 1000+ yard seasons, the Dwyer fans say that doesn't count because...well, just because. This forum is littered with posts saying Dwyer doesn't need blocking because he's all yards after contact. The very post I was quoting said all of his yards came after contact, so he "Wins", essentially. Yet now here we are, hearing that those other runs don't count, because he was taking contact. mendy was behind that line you say fell apart for his entire career, but everyone wants to discount his accomplishments. So which is it? Which runs count...only the ones where he makes positive yardage?

That's an entire 9 out of 16 total carries or over 50% of his body of work you'd like thrown out to try and prove he's awesome? if he were that great shouldn't he be able to show it without needing to chop apart his numbers to get rid of all the stuff his fans don't like?
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