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Default Re: Game Notes From Against the Ravens

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Listen, I seriously don't know what you're talking about in your first couple sentence's to this debate. That looks to be another argument in itself so I'm not even going to try and break it down.

Why are you bringing Mendenhall in the fold and where are you getting we don't appreciate his accomplishments? Again irrelevant to my point.

Since you want to include Mendenhall for whatever reason, was Dwyer's performance against the Ravens ground-breaking last night? No, but he did make a splash play that I've never seen Menenhall make against the Ravens and when he did have the opportunity on one on one circumstances, he welcomes the contact, unlike Mendenhall, who wants to turn his back.

There was LITTLE to NO lanes last night for Dwyer to run through but he did have a handful of one on one's where he didn't go down on first contact situations.

Also, his vision on that T.D run was virtually the difference in the game (arguably) because Ray Rice countered with a long TD run of his own. Dwyer didn't have the stats, but he made the runs he needed to make in key situations and I'll take that all day long.
It comes from all the other Dwyer worshiping threads. Not worth digging up, but they're typically full of people saying Dwyer doesn't need blocking, Mendy's past 3 seasons are irrelevant, etc..

Anyway, to your points, I just don't agree with him coming up in critical situations, or him running anyone over. When we were desperate for a 1st down to seal away the Chiefs game, we came up a yard short on Dwyers run because he got blown up 1 on 1 by a cornerback. The last two games he has deliberately gone to the ground with zero contact and waited to be downed instead of trying to make a run. That doesn't show this desire to hit anyone his fans keep pointing to.

And again, none of his supporters want to explain how we're supposed to have a workhorse #1 back who can only take 17 or so carries a game before he's too worn out too keep going. Not to mention that we've now seen a few times that clogging the middle pretty much puts an end to his day. So, just not seeing him as a #1 guy. Sorry.
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